For over a decade we've run an annual collaborative writing event to write a novel in a day. Over that time we've done all sorts of genres and covered all sorts of styles, from horror to sci-fi, romance to military, almost everything really... except non-fiction.
Cookbook in a Day was written on May 14, 2022
pacifika - Beef Roast with Root Veggies
pete340 - Possum Eggs
pigfender - Beef Short Rib with Risotto Milanese
SophiaWickham - Magic Fried Chicken
xiamenese - Thai/Chinese Pork with Peppers

gr - Pasta Poco Vesto
homeport - Mediterranean Bake with Burrata
Jaysen - Drunken Greens
MsRestless - Cheese Spread Sandwich
thegirlclaudia - Sauteéd Beet Greens Appetiser

Velviit - Ackee and Salt Fish
WingNWing - Spanish Cod Stew
Desserts and Baking
Alobear - Sugar Free Chocolate Brownies
camy - Banana Bread
katlovergilpin - Pistachio Pie
sameagleusa - dutch babies

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