September 1867. Marshal Ben Wright is forced to take extreme measures to take back control of Flintwood, AZ, a mining town overrun by rowdy frontiersmen and outlaws in the long shadow of the Civil War.
Marshal Law was written as a Novel in a Day on October 17th, 2015.
BLUE was written by:
Alyssa Judson, Julia Pierce, Rebecca Schuster
Hyla Maddalena, Adela Torres, Michael Roberts
Chris Lozac’h, Jaysen O’Dell, Sue Cowling
Linda Weeks, B. Morris Allen, Keith Blount
Lazey Winde, Heather Lovelace-Gilpin, Tim Edwards-Hart
Mike Devitt, Charlie Novak, S.R. Martin, J.A. Bell
J.D. Salt, B. Michelle Morris, Claire Woodier

RED as written by:
Mark Rothwell, Nick Calvert, Michael Bywater
Liz Carmel, Alana Warlick, David Johnson
Barry Lynch, Ian Philpot, Rita Catching
Niles Cordes, N.D. Robitaille, Corinne Morier
Coral Russell, Greg Ray, Jake Bennie, R. Dale Guthrie
Eric Christiansen, Waleed Ovase, Pete Becker
J.D. Salt, Ioa Petra’ka, Montrée Whiles

YELLOW as written by:
Mark Rothwell, Ryker Hayes, Kimberlee Gerstma
Liz Carmel, M. Peyton Culbertson, David Johnson
Chris Lozac’h, Jaysen O’Dell, Sue Cowling
Linda Weeks, N.D. Robitaille, Raymond Xander
Coral Russell, Heather Lovelace-Gilpin, Ron Ward
Stila Webb , Eric Christiansen, Waleed Ovase, Dave Scheffler
J.D. Salt, Ioa Petra’ka, Wolf Baginski
Story by Tim Rogers
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