She’ll get her story, unless it gets her first…! November 2014, London. When journalist Lerner Jones is recruited by agents from the mysterious MI7, she uncovers a deadly terrorist plot she must risk everything to stop.
Section 7 was written as a Novel in a Day on October 25th, 2014. 
BLUE was written by:
Lee Powell, Claire Woodier, Astrid Stevens
Victoria Griesdoorn, Vania Guzman, Michael Bywater
Rodrigo Seisdedos, S.R. Martin, J.C. Rock, 
Tammy Coron, Curtis Beaird, Montrée Whiles
Tim Edwards-Hart, Laurence Ramsey, Julia Pierce
Megan Nanfito, Eric Christiansen, Rainey Cloud
A.L. Maher, J.D. Eckstrom, Sue Cowling
Kimberlee Gerstma, M. Peyton Culbertson, Nils Cordes

RED was written by:
Alisia Faust, Barry Lees, Aiden Dunfield
Mike Devitt, Waleed Ovase, Adela Torres
Ioa Petra’ka, Lia La Chapelle, Elle Dechene
Jaysen O’Dell, Matt Tobin, Keith Blount
Graham B. Stewart, Anton Rasmussen, Chanel Blake
Megan Nanfito, Greg Ray, Linda Weeks, 
R. Dale Guthrie, Emma Lindhagen, Noé Ramalleira Fernández
Pete Becker, Keith B Walters, Theonlygolux
Story by: Tim Rogers
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