At the start of the Covid-19 outbreak in early 2020, a bunch of us decided - between all the self-isolation, social distancing, and the increasingly noisy background level of worry and sadness - that if we have to be stuck indoors, we might as well do something fun!
So on April 4th, 2020 and at super-short notice (under three weeks!), The District was written as a special edition of  Novel in a Day (Novella in a Day).
Seven versions were produced: Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red and Grey.

PURPLE was written by:
Tim Rogers, Michael Bywater, Pete Becker
Tim Edwards-Hart, Ioa Petra’ka, Greg Ray
Kirt van der Woude, Sue Cowling, Jaysen O’Dell
Claire Woodier, Ian Philpot, Sam Pynes

BLUE was written by:
Kimberlee Gerstmann, Heather Lovelace-Gilpin, Marc Cooper
Angie Titus, Nate Kennedy, Chelsea Fuchs
Beth Cutter, E. Kinna, L.P. Masters
J.D. Eckstrom, Conrad Gempf, Waleed Ovase

GREEN was written by:
J.D. Salt, Dan Hallberg, B. Morris Allen
Jeanette Everson, Terence MacManus, Dawn Oshima
Nick Calvert, Adela Torres, Simon Horn
S.R. Martin, Mirela Vasconcelos, Cassandra Lee Yieng

YELLOW was written by:
Francesca Baker, Nic Dracas, Annette Pateman
Tim Edwards-Hart, Ian E. Hart, Elina Dow
Morlock, K. Matt, S.B.
Alex Brantham, J. Tynan Burke, Em Starlight

ORANGE was written by:
Bron Hogan, Celine Oon, Gavin Dimmock
Angie Titus, Charlotte Barker, Hannah Morgan
Accordion Bruce, Rusella Lucien, Barbara Neill
K.R. Pynes, Madeleine Chester, Invisible Forces

RED was written by:
Tim Rogers, Jacqueline S. Miller, Kay Hannah
Jeanette Everson, Ioa Petra'ka, Cindy Pinch
Shadow, G.B. Retallack, Ritsa Bowie
Annie Percik, Paddy Hall, Carolina Quintana

GREY was written by:
Kimberlee Gerstmann, Sophia Wickham, B. Morris Allen
Tim Edwards-Hart, Nate Kennedy, Hannah Morgan
Nick Calvert, E. Kinna , Dañiel Garcia
Dan Gregory, Katie Quintero, Noé Ramalleira Fernández
Story by: Tim Rogers
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